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Utah County has always been a fertile land for agriculture and fishing. The early residents of Utah County, the Ute Indians, camped along the East shore of Utah Lake. In 1776 Fathers Domingues and Escalante traveled through the area on their way to California. It wasn’t until1849 that Mormon settlers came to live in the area and choose the same fertile ground as the earlier Utes. In 1875 Brigham Young Academy was established as a High School academy but later grew into Brigham Young University (BYU).

Each year Provo, the county seat, holds the annual "America's Freedom Festival", which is described as the “largest 4th of July celebration in the United States.” For something a little quieter one can find, tucked up in the Provo Canyon, the Sundance Resort, which provides year-round entertainment and recreation. The county helped host the 2002 Winter Olympics in Provo at the Peaks Ice Arena. Another memorable site in Utah County is Timpanogas Cave, a National Park that is a well- paved, 2-hour hike up the Timpanogas Mountain. A visit to Utah County wouldn’t be complete without a reflective visit to the Springville Museum of Art. A newer development in the area would be Thanksgiving Point with its movie theaters, enormous dinosaur museum, and so much more. A person won’t soon forget Utah County!



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