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The Industrial Revolution

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - 5th Grade
Standard 4 Objective 4


Hailey Maloney


The Industrial Revolution led to changes in people lives and in society as a whole.



Website for student research

Background for Teachers

Industrial Revolution Website

Intended Learning Outcomes

Enduring Understanding
Although the Industrial Revolution made the lives of many people much easier, it also led to problems that are still in evidence today, such as crowded cities, industrial pollution, and the decrease of open space.

Essential Question
How does technological change influence people's lives? society?

Instructional Procedures

Ask students to list the activities they have participated in so far that day and what inventions they needed to do these activities. Did they take a bus to school? Was a microwave or stove used for their breakfast? Have they used a pencil sharpener? Talk about how inventions, even as we may take them for granted, influence everything we do. Introduce the Industrial Revolution as a time period when people's lives changed due to many new inventions.

Each student, or pair/group of students (if you prefer), will be assigned to research an invention that was created during the Industrial Revolution and make a brochure about the invention. There is a list of inventions from this time period included in the materials list, but it is not all-inclusive. Also included in materials is a suggested checklist of items to include in the brochures and a sample rubric. As a class, decide on the indicators for each level of the rubric before students begin work on the brochures.

When students have completed their brochures, have the students share their brochures and what they've learned.

Assessment Plan

Use the rubric to assess student brochures. Informally, listen to students share their brochure to assess student understanding.

Created: 06/26/2009
Updated: 02/05/2018