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CIB-Desktop Publishing & Advertising

Main Core Tie

Exploring Business and Marketing
Strand 5


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


Students will be able to define terms related to advertising. Students will be able to identify focus groups for television, radio, and print ads. Students will create and perform a television commercial. Students will distinguish between effective and ineffective print ads. Students will also demonstrate basic desktop publishing skills.


  • Vocabulary Words Handout
  • Examples of magazine and newspaper ads

Instructional Procedures

Students will Complete Day 1 through Day 4


  • Introduce the vocabulary:
    • Write the vocabulary words on the board
    • Have the students volunteer to offer definitions for the words listed on the board
    • Discuss the students' definitions
    • Give a verbal complete definition of each of the vocabulary words
  • Discuss the students favorite and least favorite advertisements:
    • Ask the students what their favorite and least favorite advertisements are remembering to focus on the following types of advertisements: television, radio, magazine, newspaper, billboards, bus stop benches, internet, etc.
    • Ask students to point out what makes an advertisement effective or ineffective
  • Have the students create a new slogan and television commercial script for the product advertised in their least favorite television commercial
    • Ask the students to write down their least favorite television commercial
    • Explain to the students that their assignment is to rewrite the slogan and commercial for the product. Remind the students they need to convince other people to purchase the product, whether they personally like the product or not.
    • Collect the assignments and review the new slogan and scripts.


  • Have the students write and perform a television commercial
    • Divide the students into groups of four
    • Assign each group a product they need to advertise
    • Explain the requirements of the assignment including the following:
      • Must create a name for the product (if it applies)
      • Must create a slogan for the product
      • Must create a television script including all the parts listed in the definition of television commercial script
      • Must include the slogan in the television commercial script
      • Must perform the television commercial in class to the other groups
    • Examples of products that could be assigned to the groups include the following: Sporting goods store, ski resort, water park, amusement park, rock climbing store, spook alley, arcade, movie theater, computer store, music store, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, monitors, golf balls, snow boards, water skis, ski boat, etc.
  • If time permits, create slogans for products
    • Give the students a name of a product and have them write down a slogan for the product (may do as many as time permits)


  • Show examples of magazine and newspaper ads on the projector screen
    • Ask students what they like or dislike about each ad
    • As the students discuss the positive and negative aspect of each ad, point out examples of the vocabulary and give a formal definition of each vocabulary word.
    • As the activity continues, keep pointing out examples of the vocabulary words
    • After showing all of the ads, ask for volunteers to define the vocabulary words


  • Verbally teach the basic desktop publishing skills allowing the students to complete each step on their own computer as you give instructions
  • Have the students complete the following task to check for understanding - check for accuracy on each student's screen before moving on:
    • Insert a graphic on the screen
    • Flip the graphic upside down
    • Place a border around the graphic
    • Flip the graphic left to right
  • Students can get onto Microsoft Publisher or some other editor and create a business card, letterhead or other business documents.
  • Students will get onto Staples Website in order to discover the costs of creating their own business cards. Give students the Business Card Costs handout.

Created: 01/06/2011
Updated: 02/05/2018