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UNIT PLAN: Telling Time-Spanish 1a

Time Frame

3 class periods of 60 minutes each


Jason Paige


UNIT GOAL: Students will be able to read and relate time in Spanish orally and in written form. They will also be able to make and understand basic verbal queries in regards to time. Students will be assessed by means of written, verbal, and listening skills. UNIT RATIONALE: This unit is essential to allow students to function in a Spanish-speaking environment. Time as well as customary time conventions will be covered.

Background for Teachers

Besides knowing time-telling vocabulary, teachers should have a basic knowledge of cultural differences having to do with telling time.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students should be able to read a traditional face clock with hands.

Instructional Procedures

Content Outline: DAY 1--a. Introduce students to the concept of time-telling in Spanish with a vocabulary list. b. Master as much of the vocabulary list as possible through modeling, scaffolding, and then direct questioning using a model clock. Introduce students to the written component. DAY 2--a. Review the vocabulary list. b. Practice more time-telling with a model clock with emphasis on writing out time. c. Play a reinforcing game in 3 parts to stress both the written and oral aspects of telling time. DAY 3--a. Briefly review time telling practices. b. Pop Quiz. DAY 4--a. Review the problem areas shown on the previous day's quiz. b. Play time-telling Bingo in preparation for the test tomorrow. DAY 5--a. Test on telling time. To be completed in class. To include a written and an oral component. After class has completed quiz, review game of any past material including time-telling.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Some students may have difficulties understanding a face clock. If needed, take 5 minutes to explain face clocks at the beginning of the unit. Other accomodations may be made as necessary.

Assessment Plan

Formative assessment will not be graded. It will only be used to tailor instruction and possibly modify future lesson plans and assignments. Summative assessment will be as follows: 1. Label the Clocks homework, 100 pts. 2. La Hora homework, 100 pts. 3. Que Hora Es? pop quiz, 20 pts. 4. Time telling unit quiz, 50 pts. for the written component, 50 pts. for the oral questions x 2 for a total of 200 points.

Created: 11/10/2002
Updated: 02/05/2018