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BUS: Economics of Healthcare (HS)

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

  • Employability
  • Systems Thinking


Mitzi Jeppesen


The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to the world of finance as it applies to the field of Health Care. Included in the lesson is a detailed discussion of the cost of healthcare and a suggestion of careers that are involved in the financial side of healthcare.


*Video clip “Why is Healthcare so Expensive”, with matching listening guide *“Cost of a Broken Arm” article *Surprising Cost of Healthcare PowerPoint *3x5 cards for each student

Background for Teachers

Familiarize yourself with all attachments and directions

Instructional Procedures

  1. Pass out the Why is Healthcare so Expensive listening guide, show the short video and have the students complete the guide
  2. Divide class into groups and have each choose a scribe.
  3. Give each student a copy of the “Cost of a Broken Arm” article. Have them take turns reading out loud. When done, have the scribe summarize what they read, things that they found interesting, and things they didn’t understand.
  4. Have each group read their summary to the class for discussion.
  5. Show and discuss the Surprising Cost of Healthcare cost power point
  6. Pass out a 3x5 card or piece of paper. This is their exit card to give to you as they leave the class. Ask students to write down one of the following:
    • What was the most important thing they learned?
    • What surprised them the most?
    • What suggestion do they have to fix the healthcare system?
    • What would they like to learn more about?

Created: 05/09/2011
Updated: 01/21/2018