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Table Setting and Etiquette Lecture

Main Core Tie

Food And Nutrition 2
Strand 3 Standard 3

Time Frame

1 class periods of 70 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

Thinking & Reasoning


Vikki Masters


Students will be introduced to proper table setting techniques and etiquette.


  • Bell Ringer Cards for each student
  • Table Setting and Etiquette Study Guide and Key
  • Table Manners Worksheet and Key
  • Table Setting and Etiquette PowerPoint Presentation

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will apply proper table setting and etiquette techniques during meal time.

Instructional Procedures

Teacher step-by-step instructions are found below in the "Table Setting and Etiquette Lecture Lesson Plan" attachment.

Assessment Plan

Instruct the students to fill out the study guide throughout the lecture today. Encourage discussion and answer any questions the students may have throughout the lesson. At the end of class, have the students keep their study guides to prepare for the upcoming test. There will be no homework today.


Foods and Nutrition II Curriculum Guide from the Utah State Office of Education

Created: 08/04/2012
Updated: 02/05/2018