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Blood Types and Heredity

Main Core Tie

Science - Biology
Standard 4 Objective 2

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups


Utah LessonPlans


In this lab investigation students will see if they can discover the pattern of genetic transfer for blood type



  • student sheet (attached)
  • red food color
  • green food color
  • water
  • 4 test tubes
  • test tube rack
  • graduated cylinder
  • beaker
  • medicine dropper or pipette

Instructional Procedures

  1. Mix solutions of red and green water, enough for 20 ml per student group of each.
  2. Read the introduction with students.
  3. Have students make a prediction .
  4. Allow students to perform the lab experiment.
  5. Have groups combine their results on the board and come to a class conclusion concerning which types can or cannot mix.
  6. Give students time to solve the pedigree on their worksheet . Check for accuracy.
  7. Allow time for students to finish the questions and conclusions.

Assessment Plan


Scoring Guide:

1. Students follow procedures and record data………………..4
2. Students correctly predict which transfusions are safe……4


Lesson Design by Jordan School District Teachers and Staff.

Created: 12/03/2014
Updated: 02/04/2018