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Kitchen Safety

Main Core Tie

Food And Nutrition 1
Strand 1 Standard 1

Additional Core Ties

Food And Nutrition 1
Strand 1 Standard 2

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups




When working or preparing foods in the kitchen, one must be aware of safety hazards that may occur and take precautions in preventing injuries or accidents from happening by creating and maintaining a safe working environment.



  • Kitchen Safety #21697, $89.00 Learning Seed - 17 minutes.
  • Safety in the Kitchen, Franklin-Clay - 12 minutes.

Set up a unit with unsafe conditions for students to identify. (see reference sheet) Notes on Kitchen Safety.


Additional activities:

Background for Teachers

The teacher needs to be aware of how to prevent kitchen accidents and to practice good kitchen safety for a safe working environment.

Know the proper first-aid procedures for cuts, burns, falls, and electrical shock.


FoodSafety.Gov, 1-888-SAFEFOOD (1-888-723-3366) FDA's Food Information Line

Student Prior Knowledge

First aid for falls, cuts, burns, and electrical shock. Safety rules and guidelines for a safe working environment.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The student will know and understand the rules and guidelines for Kitchen Safety by practicing them to prevent and maintain a safe working environment for themselves and others.

Instructional Procedures

Prior to class set up a unit, visible by the entire class for the class to identify what is wrong. This can be achieved by using a handout, or overhead if you prefer. I prefer the actual demonstration.

Give each group 3 minutes to come into the unit to identify and write down as many items wrong as they can see. After each unit has had their turn, go through the unit together and explain in more detail why it is wrong and what should be done to correct it. Give one point for each item that they have correct. Turn in papers by unit.

Show the video, Kitchen Safety, 17 minutes.

Lecture and review Kitchen Safety, Safety and Sanitation Procedures.

Optional activities:

  • Signs of Safety - Case study review
  • Equipment location - identify name of equipment from description and indicate where it is located in unit
  • Safety Crossword Puzzle

Created: 06/11/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018