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Psychological tips to increase online sales on your website


Mandy Russels


Psychological Tips & Tricks To Sell Your Products

Do you want to increase your company's sales? Whether consumers decide to buy something or not, it is often a matter of small psychological stimuli, your product may be great, but if your site is not set up for success, nothing good will happen to you, so what is the solution?

What can be done to increase online sales? As you will read in this section of, psychologists suggest a simpler solution before you get involved in changing and upgrading your site or giving thousands of dollars to a consultant.

10 Ways Consultants Suggest To Increase Online Sales

Buyers buy in a certain way, and given the high volume of auctions they receive, noise filtering is challenging, giving a distinct advantage to businesses that really understand and understand how their consumers. They are linked to their web pages, so you need to look for subtle changes that increase your traffic.

It does not take much time to do this, and its effects are easy to measure, you can do A / B tests in two different versions to see what works best and you will get results in a few days Here are 10 psychological tricks that you can implement and test in order to increase your website sales.

Effective ways to increase online sales

There are subtle psychological changes to influence your visitors:

  1. Free Shipping:

Consumers accept the price of the product they see. This means that if you want to charge the user for shipping or warehousing, you must indicate the cost in the original price of the product. Anxious when buyers later notice additional costs and cause them to avoid completing their buyers.

When you explain that shipping is free, they trust your brand and feel that you are doing them a favor - especially compared to the high shipping cost of your competitors.


How and tricks to increase online sales

  1. Put the price of your goods at the end with the label 99:

This is known as the left sign effect; When a user sees the price of 19.99 dollar. instead of 20 dollar., a psychological difference is created in him. He is encouraged not to pay 20 dollar. In addition, he puts this product in the range of 10-20, Instead of 20-39. Although only one dollar. is different, users think these products are more affordable.

Increase online sales with pricing tricks

Ways to increase online sales

  1. Provide upgraded products:

At the end of the payment process, offer upgraded products. Your consumer may intend to buy  which during the decision-making process and the payment process, he will convince himself that he has made a good purchase.

For example, it will most likely buy. He will think, "What difference will" Because he is already psychologically adjusted to the initial price.

Increase online sales by upgrading products

  1. Create a sense of urgency; Indirectly encourage him to rush to buy:

Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. When they believe they can buy the same product for tomorrow or a week later at the same (or lower) price, they are likely to buy less today.

When you create an immediate feeling, it leads to faster sales, and this can be because there are only a limited number of products left. You can also explain that the current low prices will not last long and these signals motivate the buyer to buy.

Encourage customers to buy and increase online sales 

Ways to increase online store sales

  1. Address for concerns:

Someone who is thinking about buying a product on your website may be worried about buying it and ask themselves these questions: Is it worth the money? Can I find the better one else? Will it look like his picture?

On the product page, you can answer these concerns. The "Frequently Asked Questions" section is effective, you can also link the answers to the product description; You can explain why this product is worth the money and why this product is the most valuable type and highlights special features.

Doing so will prevent consumers from doing extra searches or going back to avoid shopping.

Increase online sales by reassuring the customer

  1. Demonstrate credibility; This is one of the most valuable tricks:

Adding some kind of customer descriptions or statistics will increase sales; This is especially effective when you place this information near the "Buy" button. He understands that he is not alone and that your brand is respected, and you have a lot of trust in the customer. 

How to increase online sales?

  1. Giving customers a sense of value:

Customers enjoy paying attention to them. This can be done at a specialized discount or by providing assistance to his needs or by making the whole payment process as flexible or, if possible, making the whole payment process more flexible and easier. When they feel confident that you (or your site) will take care of them during the purchase, then they will be more likely to confirm their purchase.

Increase online sales by giving a sense of value

  1. Follow up after purchase!

As we think about the next customer, but retaining old buyers is often very valuable; A user who buys your products multiple times will help you much more than once.

This emphasizes building loyal customers, and when they feel valued by your brand, they are more likely to make a repeat purchase and even share their experience with their friends.

You can send a personal email to your customer about their shopping experience, or better yet, if you are more creative; If you have his address, you can send him a custom item or offer him a discount on your future products.

Follow up to increase online sales 

Increase online sales with the best ideas

  1. Tell your success story:

People like to know the story behind successful people; Your website can effectively share your story. Through text, video or other media, you can show who you are; What was the reason you started your business and what problems did you solve?

The clarity of this helps your customers see the love and interest behind the web and the numbers and images. In addition, a customer who believes in your story may buy your product just to support your work.

Increase online sales with great ideas

  1. Use medium effect:

When you have three similar products, consumers are more likely to buy them; When there is only one cheaper option next to a more expensive option, the cheaper option will be selected on average.

However, adding a third option makes users want to choose the middle price that they can afford. This works because the most expensive option acts as an anchor and the middle offer feels like a good value option.

How to increase online sales?

These methods have been proven to be effective, but each case and scenario is different; You need to keep making subtle changes to see which version works best for you to the fullest. Following these steps and collecting data in the results will lead to a faster cycle of more traffic and sales.


Created: 10/02/2021
Updated: 10/02/2021