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Constructing Appropriate Curriculum

Main Core Tie

Early Childhood Education 1
Strand 2 Standard 2

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills



Marilee Webb


Through a power point presentation, students will learn what it means to "Construct Appropriate Curriculum" so that their preschool can be developmentally appropriate. They will then participate in some music activities as well as playing "sound bingo". These music and movement activities will help the children in the preschool class feel comfortable as well as teach them needed motor and listening skills. The music and movement activities exemplify "Constructing Appropriate Curriculum".




  • A to Z Kids Stuff
    Gives some ideas for music activities and musical instruments
  • Gathering Basket
    Bingo Card Creator
  • Kid Songs
    A site where you can buy preschool music activities if you don't already have some.
  • Music Guide
    web sites that have additional information about where to find preschool music

• Musical instruments • Music (songs from preschool music) for movement activities • A tape with sounds from home • Bingo cards• Power point presentation

Background for Teachers

The teacher should have already gone through the power point presentation before class. It is also important to choose which activities you would like to include at the end because you must have time to prepare for them. (see the lesson plan attachment)

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson, students will recognize how Developmentally Appropriate preschools construct appropriate curriculum. They will also understand why music and movement is appropriate for children. Through participating in several activities such as music tapes and sound bingo, they will experience this first-hand.

Instructional Procedures

The class will start with a power point presentation discussing the importance of "constructing appropriate curriculum" in a developmentally appropriate preschool. At the end they will be introduced to how music and movement can be used to create an appropriate curriculum. They will participate in a music activity as well as a game called sound bingo.


All pictures int he power point presentation were found in a google image search entitled “children”. All other information comes from the book, “Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs”, naeyc. Sue Bredekamp and Carol Copple, Editors.

Created: 07/01/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018