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Manners and Etiquette, Practice Lab and Quiz

Main Core Tie

Food And Nutrition 2
Strand 3 Standard 3

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups




A lab activity for the students to practice and demonstrate correct table setting procedures and manners and etiquette skills during a mock meal service following a written quiz identifying what the students have learned about table manners and etiquette.



When It's More Than Burgers - Dining Etiquette at its Best, by Chris Moore and Beverly Stone, distributed by Utah State Office of Education, 17 minutes

Handouts: When It's More Than Burgers Quiz on LaCaille Video

Practice Etiquette Lab Activity

Ingredients needed for Lab Activity:

1 slice of bread per person
1 Hostess Cupcake per person
1 scoop of sherbet per person

Background for Teachers

The teacher needs to have a basic understanding of proper table setting; rules of placing the dinnerware, flatware, glassware and napkin according to the rules of etiquette and knowledge of acceptable table manners during meal service and know the different styles of eating.

Student Prior Knowledge

The student needs to know basic table setting, acceptable table manners and etiquette to be used during meal service and the different styles of eating.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The student will practice proper table setting according to the rules of etiquette and practice acceptable eating styles and table manners while dining.

Instructional Procedures

Show the LaCaille Video prior to the evening of dining, to inform the students what to expect during the meal so they will be at ease: When It's More Than Burgers - Dining Etiquette at its Best, 17 minutes.

Quiz on LaCaille Video: When It's More Than Burgers - Dining Etiquette at its Best. Hand out to the students the quiz. Read and explain the quiz to them. They will circle the correct answer to make the statement correct. When all of the quizzes are completed, orally correct them. Collect the quizzes to record their grades and hand the papers back.

Lab Activity: Hand out the assignment sheet. Read it aloud to the students. On the supply table, have the correct number of cupcakes and slices of bread per person. Put the sherbet in refrigerator prior to class to slightly thaw before serving.

Assign each of the students their responsibility and allow them time to complete each task.

1 - Set the table properly for each member of the group.
2 - Get a slice of bread per person and place it on the dinner plate. They will remove the dishes when finished.
3 - Get 1 cupcake per person and unwrap them and place them on a separate plate.
4 - Put a sherbet dish on a small plate per person and put the plates on a tray for the teacher to scoop up sherbet.

Once everyone is ready, together as a class proceed with the activity. Unfold napkins and practice using the knife and fork to cut the bread using both the American and Continental Style of Eating. As they are practicing, walk around and correct those that need help. Talk about the two styles as a class.

When finished, remove the plates, pass the cupcakes and serve the sherbet. Talk about the correct way of eating sherbet with a spoon.

Allow enough time for the students to eat and enjoy the activity. Everyone helps with the cleanup before leaving.


Video: When it's More Than Burgers - Dining Etiquette at It's Best; Chris Moore from Eisenhower Jr. High and Beverly Stone, waitress from LaCaille Restaurant - producers.

Created: 07/24/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018