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UEN Premium Services

The Utah Education Network has implemented an authentication process limiting access to “premium” services to only those my.uen registered users who have a verified Utah education email domain (e.g. or associated to their my.uen record. If you choose to register with your personal email address (e.g. or we cannot identify you as a Utah educator and therefore cannot give you "premium" services.

Background Information:

Previously, anyone with a valid e-mail address, including educators from outside of Utah, could register at my.uen and access all of the Utah Education Network’s tools and services. This posed a problem because some of our license agreements specifically limit access to Utah students and educators.  

UEN’s Tiered Services implementation provides all users access to UEN’s "basic" services while limiting access to “premium” services to only those registered users associated with Utah education. 

Currently, UEN's Premium services include:

(Note: Utah school access to K-12 Utah's Online Library will remain the same.)

Utah Educators Not Registered with UEN:

Follow these steps to register with the Utah Education Network

  1. Visit the my.uen page and use the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  2. Complete all of the registrations screens. At the end you will be instructed to go to your e-mail inbox, open the message from UEN Resources, and follow the instructions.

Educators Not Affiliated with Utah Education

You do not need a Utah school / institution e-mail address to use UEN's basic services. Any verified e-mail address will work. However, you will not have access to the Premium Services listed above.

If in the future you become affiliated with a Utah education institution and have a valid e-mail address, you will want to log into your my.uen page and update and verify that e-mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I still not have access to UEN’s premium services even after I successfully verified my e-mail address?

Why did I not receive the verification e-mail in my inbox?