Rubric Tool Tutorial

The UEN Rubric Tool allows you to create a new rubric from scratch or customize an existing rubric. Visit the What is a Rubric? page to learn more about this method of assessing student products.

  1. Login:
    Visit and login with your my.uen name and password.

    Create a Rubric

  2. Create a Rubric from Scratch:
    1. Use the Create a New Rubric button.
    2. Enter a Rubric Title and the optional Date, Teacher Name, Class / Period, Grade Levels, Core Areas and Project Description
    3. Develop Criteria
      Enter the rubric criteria in the first column. The criteria you use should be explicit and related to the learning outcome(s) that you are assessing. Visit the What is a Rubric? page for more information.
    4. Develop Performance Ratings
      Enter the performance ratings or levels in the top row. Ratings can be numbers, text or both.
    5. Create Performance Descriptions
      Describe the different levels of performance that match each criterion. You may want to start with the best and worst levels of quality, and then fill in the middle levels based on your knowledge of common problems.
    6. Reorder the Criteria
      If you want to reorder the criteria click and drag a row up or down to the desired location.
    7. Add Criteria or Performance Ratings
      Use the Add a Row button to add another criterion and use the Add a Column bottom to add additional performance ratings and performance descriptions.
    8. Delete Criteria or Performance Ratings
      Use the X next to the criterion you would like to delete. Or use the Delete Column button to remove performance ratings and performance descriptions.
    9. Score Column
      You will see a score column if you create a rubric from scratch. This is an optional column that can be used during the assessment process or you may elect to delete this column.

  3. Customize an Existing Rubric:
    It is often easier to customize an existing rubric to meet your needs than to create a rubric from scratch. Select a rubric template from the dropdown menu after logging in and using the Create a New Rubric button.

    The rubric criteria, performance ratings and performance descriptions will automatically prefill the appropriate rubric field. You can edit each of these fields as well as add, delete and reorder the criteria as described above.

    Note: If you use the Browse Rubrics (before logging in) option on the login screen you can customize and print an existing rubric that was created by another educator. You cannot save these rubrics.

  4. Preview and Print:
    Use the Preview button at the top to see how your finished rubric looks. This will open a new browser window. Use the Printer icon to print your completed rubric. You may want to change the page orientation to landscape so that the rubric prints on one page.

  5. Saving a Rubric
    The UEN Rubric Tool has an auto save feature, but it is always a good idea to use the Save button periodically.

    The Save button will return you to the My Rubrics page.

  6. My Rubrics Page
    Your saved rubrics will be listed on the My Rubrics page and you will find the following options for each rubric:
    • Preview and Print
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Duplicate
      Sometimes you may want to have a copy or duplicate of a rubric so that you can make slight alterations for a specific class or grade level.
    • Share
      If you share your rubric the UEN staff may choose to make it available to others on the Browse Rubric screen.