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Cousins Across The Sea

It has been suggested that the Islands of the Polynesian Triangle were all populated from the West - from Taiwan via Melanesia. But what if that were not entirely true? What if they actually came via a more northerly route from East Asia as well as from the Pacific North West? What if the legends and stories of the Polynesian people in those Islands tell a different story to the published beliefs? What if there is scientific evidence that confirms these stories that the people of Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand and many of the Pacific nations are all related to a common ancestor - that they are cousins across the sea? Te Moana Nui - 'The Big Ocean', known by most people as the Pacific Ocean, covers almost a third of the globe and is dotted with thousands of islands inhabited by distinct groups. What are their histories and how did they interact? Where did they come from? And how is it that some of them look very much alike? Is there a common heritage? And what would that be? The possibilities are startling and confronting and may change the way we think about the people of the Pacific. Cousins Across the Sea - The Peoples of the Pacific is a five part series that tells the story of the provenance of the Polynesian People - an in depth investigation into the legends, the folklore, the hidden histories and scientific evidence that verifies the stories of the people of the Pacific. Searching beneath the stones and crevices of mysterious burial practices and suppressed writings, unearthing ancient artifacts and oral histories, explorers Gabi Plumm and Peter Marsh delve into the controversy that surrounds the origins of the Polynesian people, revealing tales of guarded legends that expose the startling truth.

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