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Find current, culturally appropriate resources for teaching and learning about Utah’s indigenous communities, heroes and events, present and past. Check back regularly for updates and submit comments and suggestions here.


Northwest Band of Shosone Nation Skull Valley Goshute Tribe Confederated Tribe of Goshute Paitute Indian Tribe of Utah Ute Mountain Ute (White Mesa Community) San Juan Souther Paiute Navajo Nation



Frequently Asked Questions


Check out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions that educators have about Native Americans. More topics will be added periodically so check back often.

Land Acknowledgement


Land acknowledgement is a way that people can show awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life.

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Bears' Lair

Three Indigenous entrepreneurs with businesses that blend contemporary and traditional elements of culture pitch their ideas to the Bears! Each aspiring business owner is in the running for an episode prize and a $100,000 grand...

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