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Grand County

Arches National Park, found in the lower part of Grand county, is one of Utah's most recognizable national parks, and includes Delicate Arch. Evidence, such as cliff houses and rock art, were left by the early Anasazi who may have lived in the area as early as 0 A.D. and left the region in the 1300's either to get away from contentions with the nearby Navajo or to find more water during a drought. The town of Cisco, once a booming town for ranchers and mining, eventually became a ghost town when interstate I-70 come through the county without diverting 5 miles to connect to Cisco.

In 1855 the first Mormon settlement of Moab was a failure. Today Moab, Grand County's most well known city, has grown in popularity for its nearby access to outdoor recreation such as mountain biking, hiking, four-wheeling, and a wet favorite--river adventures. While most people who live in Grand county live in small farming communities, the county has thrived on tourism bringing people from all over the world to see some of Utah's most awe inspiring sites.

Sandstone arches, natural bridges, rock mazes, slot-like box canyons, thousand-foot sheer cliffs, valleys filled with rock goblins, slickrock wildernesses---these are but a few of the special geologic wonders of the Colorado.Castle Valley's homes are spread out for miles.

Views like this one are breathtaking. There are no gas stations or stores in this small town. The entire population of Castle Valley is about 450.

Potash panorama.

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