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3-6 Student Interactives

Brainteasers for Grades 3-6

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Logic Games
  • FlippoFlippo
    A sequential-move puzzle - how many moves would you need to solve the puzzle?
  • DominoesDominoes
    Place a domino tile next to one with a matching number.
  • Get FlashLogic ZooLogic Zoo
    Help place the animals back in their pen.
  • MastermindMastermind
    Break the hidden code...
Brainy Games
  • Brain HieroglyphicsBrain Hieroglyphics
    "Read" the pictures to make a single word or phrase.
  • CryptogramsCryptograms
    To solve the cryptogram you'll have to guess what each letter stands for.
  • Get FlashBuggin' OutBuggin' Out
    Use the pieces above the maze to create a route for the bug.
Strategy Games
  • Dare to be SquareDare to be Square
    Create more squares than your opponent.
  • Get FlashMancalaMancala
    The ancient game of counting and strategy.
  • Get FlashPegsPegs
    Click and drag the pegs to jump each other. Leave only one peg.
  • Get JavaTower of HanoiTower of Hanoi
    Create more squares than your opponent.
  • Get FlashZnaxZnax
    Click on the tiles to form squares as big as you can.
    Your goal is to bounce, flip and roll Fidgets safely to their box.
  • Get JavaNim GamesNim Games
    To win this game you must strategically remove the counters so that you are able to take the very last one.
Memory Games
Word Games
Required Plug-ins
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