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+ - x ÷
  • HTML5Factor GameArithmetic
    Practice your multiplication, division, and factoring skills.
  • HTML5Factor GameExpression Exchange
    Build coin expressions, then exchange them for variable expressions.
  • HTML5Factor GameFactor Game
    Exercise your factoring ability.
  • Free Rice - Multiplication TablesFree Rice - Multiplication Tables
    Select the correct answer and earn rice for the United Nations World Food Program.
  • Get FlashFruit Splat Multiplication
    Learn how to multiply the fun way with Fruit Splat Multiplication.
  • Get FlashKryptoKrypto
    Combine five number cards using the four arithmetic operations to arrive at a "target" number.
  • Math BaseballMath Baseball
    Three strikes and you are out.
  • Mystery OperationsMystery Operations
    Figure out what the operation is.
  • HTML5Factor Game Unit Rates
    Discover the unit rate while shopping for fruits, vegetables, and candy. Construct a double number line and look for patterns.
  • Guess the NumberGuess the Number
    Can you solve the FunBrain Magician's problems?
  • Get Flash Number BallsNumber Balls
    Help Solve for x, and then click on the balls in order from the smallest value of x to the largest value of x.
  • Operation OrderOperation Order
    Help Tortisaurus finish building his stone pyramid.
  • What's the Point?What's the Point?
    Challenge your graph skills.
  • HTML5TangramsArea Builder
    Create your own shapes using colorful blocks and explore the relationship between perimeter and area.
  • HTML5Factor Game Graphing Lines
    Explore the world of lines. Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope, and graphs of lines.
  • maze gameMaze Game
    Move a robot through a mine field to a target location.
  • Get FlashPuzzle ParlorPuzzle Parlor
    Place all the pieces, matching edge colors.
Required Plug-ins


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