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3-6 Student Interactives



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  • Down the Tubes
    Help the team by finding the right shapes and lengths to repair tube pieces.
  • Get Flash Dunk Tank Dilemma
    Use pipes and funnels to measure out the right amount of liquid to fill up the tank.
  • Get FlashFlip TimeFlip Time
    Match analog times to the corresponding readings on digital clocks.
  • Measure It!Measure It!
    Practice measuring in centimeters or inches
  • Get FlashPour to ScorePour to Score
    Measure volumes of liquid from one quart to eight quarts.
  • The Ruler GameThe Ruler Game
    Learn to read the ruler.
  • Get Flash Tick Tock ClockTick Tock Clock
    Select the digital clock that shows the same time as the analog clock.
  • Get FlashTime to MoveTime to Move
    Measure, compare and sort the fish.
  • Get Flash Airlines BuilderAirlines Builder
    Help Dr. Marbles build a fleet of Cyber-spaceships.
  • HTML5TangramsArea Builder
    Create your own shapes using colorful blocks and explore the relationship between perimeter and area.
  • HTML5Factor Game Graphing Lines
    Explore the world of lines. Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope, and graphs of lines.
  • maze gameMaze Game
    Move a robot through a mine field to a target location.
  • Get FlashPoint Out the ViewPoint Out the View
    Cool 3D game.
  • Get FlashPuzzle ParlorPuzzle Parlor
    Place all the pieces, matching edge colors.
  • Get FlashSymmetrizerSymmetrizer
    Make awesome shapes!
  • Get FlashTangramsTangrams
    Who knew that 7 little shapes could do so much!
  • Get FlashCan you Fill It?Can you Fill It?
    Pick the combination of pots that will fill the container with the fewest number of pours.
  • Comparison EstimatorComparison Estimator
    Compare the length of two lines, the area of two shapes, or the number of objects on each side.
  • Estimation ContraptionEstimation Contraption
    Quickly estimate of what the list of numbers would add up to.
  • EstimatorEstimator
    How good are your estimation skills?
Required Plug-ins


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