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3-6 Student Interactives

Science for Grades 3-6

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3rd Grade
  • Get FlashEarth, Sun and Moon Adventure
    Can you help save the world? The Earth is wildly out of orbit and your help is needed!
  • Get FlashHabitat Game
    Explore colorful habitats and find the things that are alive.
  • Get FlashFood Chain Game
    Play the food chain game by dragging parts of the chain to their proper places. Good luck!
  • Get FlashThe Animal Diet Game
    Watch for an animal to appear on the screen. When it does, choose the right diet and watch it eat up!
  • Get Flash"Things That" Game
    Look at the pictures shown and see if you can find animals that eat fish, lay eggs, and more.
  • Get FlashAmusement Park Physics
    Have fun on this site learning about how amusement park rides work.
  • Get FlashSoccer Ball: Energy and Change
    Use your knowledge of force to kick a soccer ball and score a goal.
  • Get FlashSimple Machines Game
    Help your little buddy, Twitch, get his work done at the museum by using simple machines. He needs your help!
  • Get FlashKeeping Warm
    You choose a type of container and then observe how the water temperature in it changes over time.
  • The Sun
    Learn all about the sun on this site as well as make crafts and play games.
3rd Grade 
4th Grade 
  • Get FlashHow Rocks Change
    Are you ready for this challenge? See if you can tell what causes rocks to change over time.
  • Get FlashRock Cycle
    The clock is ticking. Can you beat the time and identify rocks and their class? Take the challenge!
  • Get FlashBuild a Bird
    You have the chance to build a bird and place it in a habitat. Can you make one that has a good chance of survival?
  • Get FlashInteractive Weather MakerInteractive Weather Maker
    Let the sun shine, or make the wind blow by changing the temperature and humidity.
  • Get FlashThirstin' Question and Answer GameThirstin' Question and Answer Game
    How much do you know about water?
  • Get Flash Interactive Water CycleInteractive Water Cycle
    An animated activity that lets you control the water cycle as you learn.
4th Grade 
5th Grade
  • Get FlashCircuits
    This colorful site will help you understand series and parallel circuits.
  • Get FlashUsing Electricity
    See if you can light bulbs by placing batteries and switches in circuits.
  • Get FlashSwitch Zoo
    Choose among 142 species of animals and create habitats in which they will survive. Create your own new species from a menu of characteristics.
  • Get FlashMountain Maker, Earth ShakerBalloons and Static Electricity
    Why does a balloon stick to your sweater? Rub a balloon on a sweater, then let go of the balloon and it flies over and sticks to the sweater. View the charges in the sweater, balloons, and the wall.
5th Grade
6th Grade
  • Get FlashMoon Olympics
    What would it be like to play sports on the moon? Compete in the Moon Olympics to find out.
  • Get FlashMicrobe Magic
    Have fun learning about bacteria, viruses, fungi, and play the Go Fish Microbe Game.
  • Get FlashBeat the Heat
    In this game things get hot fast! Your goal is to unscramble words about heat and temperature before the thermometer tops out.
  • Get FlashHow We See Things
    In this activity you can drag mirrors into the path of light. How does this change the direction of the light?
  • Get FlashChanging Sounds Game
    In this activity play instruments such as drums, the guitar and even a bottle. Experiment with ways to make different sounds.
  • Get FlashSound
    This fun video explains sound and vibration.
  • Get Flash Lunar Cycle ChallengeLunar Cycle Challenge
    Drag moons to the their place in the lunar cycle.
6th Grade
  • Get FlashDisease DetectiveDisease Detective
    Trace the outbreak of a mysterious illness, 'dizzy fever,' to its source.
  • Get FlashMicroorganismsMicroorganisms
    Locate the microorganisms and then take the quiz.
  • Get Flash Gravity LaunchGravity Launch
    Launch a rocket into space to see how the force of gravity can pull an object toward the earth and moon.
  • Get Flash Go to the Head of the Solar SystemGo to the Head of the Solar System
    Answer questions about celestial objects as they travel through the solar system.
  • Get FlashPlanetary Rescue SquadPlanetary Rescue Squad
    Your goal is provide parts to space colonists.
  • Get FlashWeebit WorldWeebit World
    Experiment with an ecosystem to find a balance between weebits, their food, and the right climate.
Required Plug-ins
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