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3-6 Student Interactives

Social Studies for Grades 3-6

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Geography Skills
  • Get FlashEye of RomEye of Rom
    Where You Can Win Cardinal Points.
  • Get ShockwaveFind Your LongitudeNASA Latitude/Longitude Finder
    Find the latitude and longitude of any address.
  • Symbols and KeysSymbols and Keys
    Discover the meaning behind map symbols and keys.
  • Grid ReferencesGrid References
    Learn to read a map grid.
  • ScaleScale
    Maps can't show things the size they are in real life so they use scale.
  • Get FlashPaint the MapPaint the Map
    Paint the map of the USA to show how each state compares to the national mean or median.
  • Get FlashReading a MapReading a Map
    Have you heard of a contour map? Check out this interactive and find out how to use one.
  • Get FlashMap MatchMap Match
    Are we there yet? Use a map to find out.
Geography Games
Ancient Civilizations
  • Get FlashArctic ArtifactsArctic Artifacts
    Become an archeologist by looking at some artifacts deciding what they were used for.
  • Get FlashStories from the PastStories from the Past
    Drag the symbols to the wall in the right order to tell the story with pictures.
  • Get FlashEekoCreatureEekoCreature
    Create and care for your own EekoCreature.
  • Get FlashMichael, Michael Go Recycle! Michael, Michael Go Recycle!
    Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park before time runs out!
  • Get FlashEeko HouseEeko House
    Identify things to do around the house that help the environment.
  • Get FlashEvery Day is Earth Day!Every Day is Earth Day!
    Can you help clean up our planet?
  • Get FlashSwitch 'em OffSwitch 'em Off
    Dirty power stations are polluting our atmosphere. Switch them off as fast as possible to save our planet!
  • Get FlashROVROV
    You have been assigned to investigate marine life in a tropical reef.
U.S. History
U.S. Government
Required Plug-ins
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