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My Body
  • Grind Your MindGrind Your Mind
    Skateboard with Matt through this animated quiz on peer pressure!
Technology Safety
  • Get FlashThe Case of the Cyber CriminalThe Case of the Cyber Criminal
    A techie spy and his cunning crew are out to get your personal information. Stop them cold by proving you're ready to protect yourself online.
  • Get FlashFriend FinderFriend Finder
    Compete with our contestants for a spot on the Friend Finder All-Star List. Earn your spot by showing you're savvy when it comes to making friends online.
  • Get FlashMission: Laptop SecurityMission: Laptop Security
    You've already lost one laptop, Agent Smith. Your job's on the line if it happens again. Make wise choices this time, and it's mission accomplished.
  • Get FlashPhishing Scams - Avoid the BaitPhishing Scams - Avoid the Bait
    Phishers are looking to lure you with bogus emails and pop-ups that seem safe. Will you take the bait or live to swim another day?
  • Get FlashSpam Scam Slam - Don't Be FooledSpam Scam Slam — Don't be Fooled
    Three rounds. Three strikes. Make it through this game, and it's clear — you're on to spam scams and not likely to get slammed by the next one.
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