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Number and Operations
  • Arithmetic FourArithmetic Four
    Connect four game pieces in a row before your opponent does.
  • DiffyDiffy
    Solve an interesting puzzle involving the differences of given numbers.
  • HTML5 Expression Exchange
    Build coin expressions, then exchange them for variable expressions.
  • Free Rice - Basic Math (Pre-Algebra)Free Rice - Basic Math (Pre-Algebra)
    Select the correct answer and earn rice for the United Nations World Food Program.
  • HTML5Graphing Slope-Intercept
    Explore slope-intercept form of a line. Connect the slope and y-intercept to the equation of the line. 
  • Maze GameMaze Game
    Can you successfully direct a robot through a mine field?
  • HTML5Plinko Probability
    Predict the bin where a single ball might fall and then repeat trials of 100 balls and compare the outcomes.
  • HTML5 Unit Rates
    Discover the unit rate while shopping for fruits, vegetables, and candy. Construct a double number line and look for patterns.
  • Get FlashAlgebra CrossnumberAlgebra Crossnumber
    Solve this crossnumber by finding out what values x and y represent.
  • Algebra FourAlgebra Four
    Solve an algebraic equation and you are on your way to Connect Four!
  • Balance ScalesBalance Scales
    Solve simple linear equations using a balance beam.
  • Get FlashLure of the LabyrinthLure of the Labyrinth
    Sign up, customize your avatar and then begin solving the problems to liberate the pets that are missing in the Tasti Pet Factory.
  • Get FlashSequencesSequences
    Work out the 4th 5th 10th 20th and nth terms in a number sequence.
  • Get Flash3d Boxes3D Boxes
    Calculate how many cubes you need to make the different 3D shapes shown.
  • Get FlashAngle EstimatorAngle Estimator
    Decide which angle is the same as the one drawn by the computer.
  • AnglesAngles
    Practice your knowledge of acute, obtuse and alternate angles.
  • HTML5Isometric Drawing ToolGraphing Lines
    Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope, and graphs of lines.
  • Isometric Drawing ToolIsometric Drawing Tool
    Create dynamic 2-D or 3-D drawings on isometric dot paper.
  • Perimeter ExplorerPerimeter Explorer
    Calculate the perimeter of a random shape.
Data / Probability
  • Coin TossingCoin Tossing
    Explore probability concepts by simulating repeated coin tosses.
  • Create a GraphCreate a Graph
    Create a graph or view the examples.
  • fish tankFish Shop
    What probability does Pythagoras have to catch a red fish?
  • HTML5Least-Squares Regression
    Create your own scatter plot or use real-world data and try to fit a line to it!
  • Get FlashState Data MapState Data Map
    Choose a Data Set to view various state data.
Money Games
  • Get FlashBudget OdysseyBudget Odyssey
    Drive a minibus to Budget Balancing Bliss.
  • Get FlashFinancial FootballFinancial Football
    Quickly answer the finance-themed questions to score touchdowns.
  • Get FlashInvest QuestInvest Quest
    Get a glimpse of your future as your investing intelligence is put to the test.
  • Get FlashPlay a Virutal MarketPeople’s Pie
    It is time for you to control the budget of the federal government.
Required Plug-ins


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