New Podcast Episode - UEN Homeroom
Dr. Janice Bradley, Assistant Director with the Utah Education Policy Center covers how to deal with a teacher who's a "downer" and changing a toxic culture. 
The Changing Classroom in Utah: Technology’s Role in Alpine School District
How is tech affecting the way we teach and learn in Utah schools? Alpine School District says we’re living in a vastly different world.
World Children's Day
An annual day of action for children. Children’s lives have been transformed but action is needed to make sure every child, has every right.
Expanding Broadband to Navajo Nations
UETN is part of a large group of entities bringing funding and support to extend broadband internet to Navajo nations in San Juan County. The first phase will be finished by 2020.


Learn to Draw Abc
Learn the shape of letters and bring them to life as fun drawings! Presented by the lively and energetic artist and TV presenter Ø istein...

MHz Worldview

A five-year-old girl is found dead in an old root cellar. She has been dead for some time, but who has recently left food for her? With no child...


Creative Native
This episode of Creative Native features crafts crafts and more crafts! Tamara shows how you can turn your ordinary bench into a beautiful country...

NHK World-Japan

Newsline In Depth
Introducing a colorful variety of feature stories, including reports on daily life from locations throughout Japan, as well as other parts of Asia...