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PDTV: UCET 2021 Recap
In this episode of PDTV, the Professional Development team recaps their virtual UCET conference experience. They chat about the flexibility of the online format, the disadvantages of technical difficulties and more!
We are creating a video to learn how people have been using eduroam this past year. If you are an eduroam user feel free to reach out to us at to be featured!
Local Art Connection: Path Forward
A short walk from the Utah State Capitol, a monument unveiled in 2020 commemorates 100 years of women paving a path toward inclusive voting rights. Learn about the importance of the monument and the historical influence behind its unique design.


Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths
Numbers As God - Dr. Hannah Fry explores the mystery of math. Is it invented like a language, or is it discovered and part of the fabric of the universe? Dr. Hannah...


Seeing Canada
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to learn about the local foodie scene and explore Waneskewin Heritage Park....

NHK World-Japan

Medical Frontiers
The immune system is extremely delicate. It can be affected by diet, exercise, and stress. We show what can be done to keep the immune system...