Tumbleweeds Film Festival
Don’t miss this year's Tumbleweeds Film Festival! This is a mini-festival experience with films, activities, and workshops for kids of all ages. Stop by the UEN booth or enjoy one of our workshop presentations at this event.
PDTV: Instructional Design with Nearpod
Katie Blunt is in Moab, Utah where she walks us through the importance of researching and strategizing to find the best ways to use educational technology tools in your classroom. Then, we see it in action as 2nd-grade teacher Abbey Martinez at Helen M....
Homeroom: Oleander Initiative with Ray Matsumiya & Iman Al-Omari
Dani and Matt are joined by Ray Matsumiya and Iman Al-Omari from the Oleander Initiative. Listen to learn how they inspire peace education in the classroom by taking teachers from across the world to Japan to learn about the resilience of the survivors...
2022 Tech Summit
This year's UETN Tech Summit will be held June 22-23 at Murray High School. We are excited to see all of they keynote speakers and presenters. Register today for the 2022 UETN Tech Summit.


Predator Pets
Bobcats, Alligators, Tarantulas - From expert animal handler to bobcat specialist, this new episode of Predator Pets is informative and engaging! We learn about Mark’s exotic...


ISS Benefits for Humanity
For 15 years, the International Space Station has been human spaceflight’s preeminent destination, with crew members conducting science from around...


Kaha:Wi - The Cycle of Life
An immersive traditional story woven into a stunning visual feast. Indigenous Dancer /Choreographer Santee Smith tells the story of her intimate and...

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