November Native American Heritage Month
Celebrate diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and acknowledge the contributions of Native people. Learn more about the culture by watching UEN-TV Channel 9.3!
The Changing Classroom in Utah: Technology in Weber School District – From Chalkboards to Chromebook
Just how are students and teachers leveraging technology in Utah’s classrooms? We take you inside one Weber County school to show you.
14th Annual Native Symposium
Nov 14th UEN will be presenting a film screening of "True Whispers" at Weber State University in conjunction with the 14th Annual Native Symposium.
Students can broaden their perspectives on Thanksgiving with these resources.


Uen Professional Development TV
Utilizing Google Tools - On this episode of UEN PDTV Michael and the Ogden EdTech team take a look into how teachers in the district are using Google Tools in the classroom....

MHz Worldview

Scent of Rain in the Balkans
Nina and Marko help Riki open a milinery shop in Belgrade, and Blanki makes overtures to Marko's family. Directed by Ljubisa Samardzic, 2011.


Art Zone
Bronson and Kimmy create parade people and add a couch to their playhouse using recycled materials. Guest Janice shares her paintings with Bronson on...

NHK World-Japan

Tokyo Eye 2020
Tokyo has hosted many pioneers of technology, politics, literature, and more. Some of them discovered a taste of Tokyo. This time, we learn the...