Federal Commission on School Safety has launched a new website
A new website,, provides educators with tools to prevent school violence, respond to it when it occurs, and recover after the fact.
African American History Month
African American History Month is a great time to investigate the contributions that African Americans have made to the history and cultural development of the United States.
Better Days 2020
February 14th marks the 150th anniversary of the first vote by a woman! Seraph Young of Utah was the first woman in the U.S. to vote! Learn more with UEN.
UETN COO elected to public media leadership
Dr. Laura Hunter will serve on the board of APTS, America's Public Television Stations, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington D.C.


Food Over 50
Subtracting Sodium - Whether or not we flirt with hypertension, a diet that Reduces, Replaces and Removes excess sodium, especially hidden sodium from preservatives, is...

MHz Worldview

Thicker Than Water
Lasse sets off an a dangerous trip to Helsinki. Directed by Anders Engström, 2016.


Blue Gap Boyz
In the small town of Blue Gap, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation three brothers known as James (Ernest David Tsosie, III), Jessie (Vincent Craig),...

NHK World-Japan

Seasoning The Seasons
This program visits places across Japan to introduce the charms of their local daily life and festivals fostered by the nation's long history. Today:...