Health Education

Activities at the Analyze Level

Learners compare, categorize, contrast, examine, breakdown, test, investigate, calculate, organize, deconstruct, distinguish, and explore relationships

–The saliva (also called spit) in our mouths plays a role in digestion. Saliva contains enzymes the help break down our food.  One of the enzymes is called amylase and starts the process of changing starch into sugar.  To investigate this, put a piece of bread in your mouth and chew it just a little bit. Bread is considered to be a starchy food.  Don’t swallow the bread.  Just hold it in your mouth for a few minutes.  Analyze what you discover.
Explore the relationship between the nervous system and the muscular system.
Investigate what that sound is that you hear when you crack your knuckles. 
–Take a look at your larynx in action!  Our respiratory system is certainly about breathing and supplying or body with oxygen, but it’s also involved with talking.  Explore the relationship between our respiratory system and the sounds that we make.
–If you are right-handed and try to write your name with your left hand, your name will probably not look very good.  However, if you are persistent and practice writing with your left hand and practice your signature about 50 times, your 50th attempt will probably look much better.  Do some research about nerves, neurons, and synapses and create a presentation about why your signature improves with practice.  Do you think it’s true that we get better at anything that we practice?
Compare and contrast the body structures of vertebrates and invertebrates.
Locate images of clogged arteries.  Investigate how arteries become blocked, what blocks them, how blocked arteries are treated, and what can be done to prevent clogged arteries.
–The length of a person’s foot is typically about 1/6 of his or her height.  Measure several classmates’ feet.  Calculate each person’s height based on their foot measurement. Measure their height and check your calculations against their actual height.