Health Education

Activities at the Evaluate Level

Learners assess, test, justify, critique, rate, defend, prioritize, recommend, decide, choose, monitor, determine, and make judgments

Is there such a thing as the Popeye Effect? Gather information about good nutrition and its relationship to good health.  Defend the statement: Eating spinach gives you big muscles.
Research hiccups and become a hiccup expert.  Using Powerpoint or Prezi or Animoto or a presentation tool of your choice, create a presentation about what hiccups are and how they are part of the respiratory system. Include your thoroughly researched recommendations about ways to cure hiccups.  Survey your classmates about their favorite hiccup cures and include the results in your presentation. 
Divide all students into groups representing the different body systems.  Conduct a group activity where the groups debate the importance of their particular body system.
–Identify diseases (example: emphysema, cancer, asthma, etc.) of the respiratory system and explain their impact on the lungs and breathing. Determine how lifestyle choices may affect the advancement of each disease, how environmental issues may impact each disease, and what choices we can make to keep our lungs healthy and strong.