Health Education

Activities at the Remember Level

Learners locate, identify, name, describe, list, recognize, label,  recall, memorize, retrieve, and define information

–Locate information that you can use for research about health education. Utah's Online Library has great resources such as World Book Encyclopedia, SIRS Discoverer, and many scientific articles cataloged through the Ebsco databases.
Skeletal System
Label the bones in the skeletal system.
Bones Matter
What are bones made of?
Kids Safety
How can you protect your brain when you are riding your bike?
–Check Your Pulse
A human’s pulse is a place on our bodies where we can easily feel the rhythm of our heart beating.  Where are 2 good places to feel our pulse?
Your Bones
There is a column of bones that runs down our back.  What are the small bones that make up our spine called? 
–Nervous System
What is the spinal cord?
–Live Science
Saliva, also called spit, plays a role in digesting our food.  About how much saliva does our body make each day?
Interactive Muscles
What are ligaments?  What are tendons?
Science Kids
How many muscles do we use when we smile?  How many muscles do we use when we frown?
What can doctors use to view the bones in our skeletal system?