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Local Highlights

Camp TV: Animal Adaptations
from Utah’s Hogle Zoo

On this interactive home safari, we take a look at different animal parts to discover how animals have adapted to thrive in their unique environments. Be sure to answer the questions throughout the video to see if you’re an expert in adaptations!

Additional Activities:

Camp TV: Food Webs
from Utah’s Hogle Zoo

On this interactive home safari, take a look at food webs and discover how plants and animals affect each other within the circle of life. Make your own food web as you follow along!


Additional Activities:

Camp TV: Our Backyard
from the Natural History Museum of Utah

Join us to explore and play in Our Backyard! Animals have all different structures that help them survive in different habitats. Learn about the incredible adaptations of some animals found in Utah including leopard geckos and tarantulas.

Additional Activities:

About Camp TV

Welcome to CAMP TV – a day camp experience in your living room! An enthusiastic head counselor, played by Zachary Noah Piser, guides “campers” as they learn through play. Content partners include the Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Natural History Museum of Utah, New York Public Library, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Bedtime Math, Wildlife Conservation Society, the Memphis Zoo, and more.



Additional funding is provided by Joan Ganz Cooney.