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Fine Arts - Secondary Curriculum Secondary Media Arts - Level II
Course Preface Course Preface
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Core Standards of the Course

Strand: CREATE (L2.E.CR.)
Students will conceptualize, generate, develop and organize artistic ideas and work. They will complete and refine media art works (Standards L2.E.CR.1-4).

Standard L2.E.CR.1:
Strategically utilize generative methods to formulate multiple ideas, refine artistic goals, and increase the originality of approaches in media arts creation processes.

Standard L2.E.CR.2:
Apply a personal aesthetic in designing, testing, and refining original artistic ideas, prototypes, and production strategies for media arts productions, considering artistic intentions, constraints of resources, and presentation context.

Standard L2.E.CR.3:
Consolidate production processes to demonstrate deliberate choices in organizing and integrating content and stylistic conventions in media arts production, demonstrating understanding of associated principles.

Standard L2.E.CR.4:
Refine and elaborate aesthetic elements and technical components to intentionally form effective expressions in media artworks for specific purposes, intentions, audiences, and contexts.

Strand: PRESENT (L2.E.P.)
Students will analyze, interpret, refine, and select artistic work for presentation. They will convey meaning in the manner in which the art is presented (Standards L2.E.P.1-5).

Standard L2.E.P.1:
Integrate various arts, media arts forms, and academic content into unified media arts productions that retain thematic integrity and stylistic continuity.

Standard L2.E.P.2:
Demonstrate effective command of artistic, design, technical, and soft skills in managing and producing media artworks.

Standard L2.E.P.3:
Demonstrate the skillful adaptation and combination of tools, styles, techniques, and interactivity to achieve specific expressive goals in the production of a variety of media artworks.

Standard L2.E.P.4:
Curate and design the presentation and distribution of collections of media artworks through a variety of contexts.

Standard L2.E.P.5:
Evaluate and implement improvements in presenting media artworks, considering personal, local, and social impacts such as changes that occurred for people, or to a situation.

Strand: RESPOND (L2.E.R.)
Students will understand, evaluate, and articulate how works of art convey meaning for the observer as well as the creator (Standards L2.E.R.1-4).

Standard L2.E.R.1:
Analyze and evaluate the qualities and relationships of the components in media artworks, and provide feedback on how they affect the audience.

Standard L2.E.R.2:
Analyze how a broad range of media artworks manage audience experience, create intention and persuasion through multimodal perception.

Standard L2.E.R.3:
Analyze the intent, meanings, and influence of a variety of media artworks, based on personal, societal, historical, and cultural contexts.

Standard L2.E.R.4:
Form and apply defensible evaluations in the constructive critique of media artworks and production processes.

Strand: CONNECT L2.E.CO.)
Students will relate artistic skills, ideas and work with personal meaning and external context (Standards L2.E.CO.1-4).

Standard L2.E.CO.1:
Synthesize internal and external resources to enhance the creation of persuasive media artworks.

Standard L2.E.CO.1:
Explain and demonstrate the use of media artworks to synthesize new meaning and knowledge, and reflect on and form cultural experiences.

Standard L2.E.CO.3:
Analyze in depth the relationships of media arts ideas and works to various contexts, purposes, and values.

Standard L2.E.CO.4:
Critically investigate and ethically interact with legal, technological, systemic, and vocational contexts of media arts, considering ethics, media literacy, digital identity, and artist/audience interactivity.

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