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CTE/Business, Finance and Marketing Curriculum Business and Marketing Capstone
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Core Standards of the Course

Strand 1
Students will develop a better understanding of real world application within the business industry.

Standard 1
Students will gain greater insight into the business world.

  1. Develop a greater understanding of real world business operations including, but not limited: management, finance, marketing, sales.

Performance Skills
Complete one or more of the following:

  1. Tour a business to learn about business operations
  2. Offer job shadowing opportunities in various areas of business
  3. Invite guest speaker(s) to speak to students about business AND
    • Partner with a business to create a solution or solve a need within the business.
    • Communicate with a local business
    • Obtain background knowledge about current operations and determine need(s).
    • Identify goals and objectives to solve need
    • Develop a solution-oriented plan
    • Present plan to business

Strand 2
Students will gain a greater understanding of how research and analytics impact business.

Standard 1
Students will use research skills and data analysis to gain a greater understanding of business operations. This will be accomplished as students' research, analyze and evaluate business decisions.

Performance Skills
Complete the following:

  1. Develop a research paper which defines, analyzes and evaluates the impact of business decision(s) or business principle(s). Research papers may follow DECA and FBLA written project guidelines.


    Analyze at least 4 business case studies in the following content areas:

    *Case studies may be found through DECA and FBLA Competitive Events.

    • Marketing and sales
    • Business operations
    • Financial management
    • Opportunity recognition
    • Entrepreneurship Ventures

Strand 3
Students will implement leadership skills throughout the course.

Standard 1
Students will recognize the impact of leadership skills in business.

Performance Skills
Demonstrate leadership in the following areas:

  1. Lead a team during a project, activity, or event related to business
  2. Create assignments for team members
  3. Follow directions from team leaders
  4. Practice ethical leadership
  5. Learn effective communication by completing at least one of the following:
    • read a related book/article and summarize what was learned.
    • organize an event
    • complete a hands-on activity related to effective communication

Strand 4
Students will use various forms of technology throughout the course.

Standard 1
Students will recognize current technological tools and their impact on business.

Performance Skills
Complete the following:

  1. Students will use one or more of the following technological tools throughout the course.
    • Examples include:
      • Online surveys
      • Podcasts
      • Advanced presentation tools - Adobe Spark, Microsoft Sway, Prezi, PowerPoint, etc.
      • Website and Wikipedia sites
      • Search engine optimization
      • Digital marketing
      • Social media marketing
      • New and upcoming technologies

Strand 5
Students will explore career opportunities in business.

Standard 1
Analyze Career Opportunities

  1. Research career opportunities in business
  2. Analyze the academic and professional paths to career choices

Performance Skills
Students will develop online career platform to further career goals

  1. Examples include
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Digital portfolio
    • Personal website
    • Professional social media accounts

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