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Language Arts - Elementary Curriculum English Language Arts Preschool-Age 3 (2023)
Course Preface Course Preface
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Core Standards of the Course

Speaking and Listening (P3.SL)
Students will learn to collaborate, express and listen to ideas, integrate and evaluate information from various sources, use media and visual displays as well as language and grammar strategically to help achieve communicative purposes, and adapt to context and task.

Standard P3.SL.1:
With prompting and support, participate in conversations with peers and adults.a. Begin to recognize rules for discussion such as listening to others, staying on topic, and taking turns speaking. b. Follow one-step directions.

Standard P3.SL.2:
With prompting and support, speak clearly and audibly enough to be understood by familiar adults to communicate wants and needs.

Standard P3.SL.3:
With prompting and support, use age-appropriate language, grammar, volume, and pronunciation when speaking or presenting.

Reading (P3.R)
Students will learn to proficiently read and comprehend grade level literature and informational text, including seminal U.S. documents of historical and literary significance, at the high end of the grade level text complexity band, with scaffolding as needed. *Standard R.4 includes an asterisk to refer educators back to the Text Complexity Grade Bands and Associated Lexile Ranges in the introduction of the standards.

Standard P3.R.1:
Demonstrate mastery of age-appropriate concepts of print.

  1. With prompting and support, correctly hold a book and recognize that print is read from top to bottom, left to right, and from front to back.
  2. With prompting and support, begin to recognize frequently seen letters and words and recognize own name in print.

Standard P3.R.2:
Demonstrate mastery of age-appropriate phonological awareness skills.

  1. With prompting and support, explore rhyming words and alliteration.
  2. With prompting and support, explore syllables in simple words.
  3. With prompting and support, identify initial sounds in spoken language.

Standard P3.R.3:
Demonstrate mastery of age-appropriate phonics skills.

  1. With prompting and support, begin to identify seven or more consonant names and sounds using one-to-one letter-sound correspondence (alphabetic principle).
  2. With prompting and support, begin to identify one or more vowel names and short vowel sounds using one-to-one letter-sound correspondence (alphabetic principle).

Standard P3.R.4:
Begins in kindergarten.

Standard P3.R.5:
With prompting and support, ask and answer simple questions about a text. (RL & RI)

Standard P3.R.6-7:
With prompting and support, begin to retell simple texts. (RL & RI)

Standard P3.R.8:
Begins in P4.

Standard P3.R.9:
Begins in kindergarten.

Standard P3.R.10:
Begins in grade 1.

Standard P3.R.11:
Begins in grade 4.

Standard P3.R.12:
Begins in grade 2.

Standard P3.R.13:
Begins in grade 2.

Standard P3.R.14:
Begins in grade 2.

Writing (P3.W)
Students will learn to write for a variety of tasks, purposes, and audiences using appropriate grammar/conventions, syntax, and style.

Standard P3.W.1-3:
With prompting and support, begin to experiment with speaking and writing while representing ideas visually (e.g., scribbles, stamps, stickers, or gluing pictures on paper).

Standard P3.W.4:
Participate in shared writing projects.

  1. With prompting and support, recall information from experiences or learned information and share it with others.
  2. With prompting and support, interact and collaborate with others. Standard P3.W.5: With prompting and support, print some age-appropriate prewriting strokes.

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