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CTE/Skilled & Technical Sciences Education Curriculum Medium/Heavy Vehicle Systems
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Core Standards of the Course

Standard 01
Students will be able to understand general shop safety.

Objective 0101
Learn safe working habits and procedures. Pass a safety test with 100 percent.

Objective 0102
Identify the different types and hazards of solvents used.

Objective 0103
Identify the different types, purposes, and hazards of automotive greases, oils, and additives.

Objective 0104
Identify precautions in the use, handling, and storage of various solvents, cleaners, oils, greases, and additives.

Objective 0105
Identify the gasses encountered in the diesel field and the hazards they present.

Objective 0106
Identify the hazards and control of asbestos dust.

Objective 0107
Comply with safety rules for working with automotive chemicals (MSDS).

Standard 02
Students will be able to understand basic hand tools, fasteners, and shop equipment.

Objective 0201
Identify and measure metric and standard fasteners.

Objective 0202
Use the pressure washer to prepare projects to be worked on. (Optional)

Objective 0203
Correctly identify and use basic hand tools.

Objective 0204
Identify and demonstrate use of basic and precision measuring tools.

Objective 0205
Use reference manuals or information systems to find R/R procedures and specifications.

Objective 0206
Properly raise and support vehicles using jack stands and a frame contact hoist. Identify other shop equipment.

Objective 0207
Properly use arc and acetylene welding equipment for the appropriate job.

Objective 0208
Correctly identify and use torque wrenches.

Standard 03
Students will be able to understand proper techniques in preventative maintenance.

Objective 0301
Perform inspections and repairs on:

  1. Wheel bearings
  2. Engine inspections
  3. Checking lights
  4. Checking oil levels
  5. Changing oil
  6. Tire inspections
  7. Frame and chassis

Standard 04
Students will be able to maintain and repair brake systems.

Objective 0401
Identify the principles and components of the following brake systems.

  1. Air
  2. Parking
  3. Anti‐locking (ABS)

Objective 0402
Troubleshoot brake systems.

Objective 0403
Service and recondition air brake systems.

Objective 0404
Service and adjust air compressors and governors.

Objective 0405
Service and recondition parking brakes.

Standard 05
Students will be able to identify and perform basic electrical/electronics system problems.

Objective 0501
General electrical diagnosis.

Objective 0502
Battery diagnosis and repair.

Objective 0503
Starting system diagnosis and repair.

Objective 0504
Charging system diagnosis and repair.

Objective 0505
Lighting systems diagnosis and repair.

Objective 0506
Gauges and warning devices diagnosis.

Objective 0507
Related systems.

Standard 06
Students will be able to identify troubleshoot and systems.

Objective 0601
Troubleshoot and repair cooling systems.

Objective 0602
Troubleshoot and repair lubrication systems.

Objective 0603
Troubleshoot and repair induction and exhaust systems.

Objective 0604
Troubleshoot and repair diesel fuel‐injection systems and components.

  1. Inspect for operation and condition of the parts and systems, including fuel quality and consumption, safety shut‐down devices, circuits, sensors, electronic governors, and flywheel.
  2. Prime and bleed fuel‐injection system.
  3. Remove, test, and adjust injectors and nozzles.
  4. Troubleshoot mechanical governors.
  5. Remove, repair, and replace individual components as needed.

Standard 07
Students will be able to rebuild a cylinderhead assembly.

Objective 0701
Diagnose valve and head problems using the visual inspection method.

Objective 0702
Diagnose valve and head problems using the compression‐tester or cylinder air‐pressure method.

Objective 0703
Diagnose valve and head problems using the stethoscope method.

Objective 0704
Disassemble engines.

Objective 0705
Clean and inspect the heads for cracks, warpage, and injector sleeves.

Objective 0706
Inspect the valve seat and check for warpage, burns, cracks, and stem and tip wear.

Objective 0707
Grinds valve seats and reface valves.

Objective 0708
Check and inspect springs for free height, distortion, and installed height.

Objective 0709
Adjust the valve lash.

Standard 08
Students will be able to remove and replace camshaft assemblies.

Objective 0801
Remove and inspect camshaft bearings and lifters.

Objective 0802
Time valve‐drive assemblies.

Standard 09
Students will be able to rebuild a block assembly.

Objective 0901
Remove the pistons from the rod assemblies.

Objective 0902
Measure out‐of‐round and cylinder taper using a dial bore gauge or micrometer.

Objective 0903
Check the piston pins and boss for wear.

Objective 0904
Measure the piston ring lands width, out‐of‐round, and taper.

Objective 0905
Measure the piston ring gap in a cylinder bore.

Objective 0906
Install and fit the piston pins.

Objective 0907
Check the rod‐and‐piston assembly alignment.

Objective 0908
Remove and replace the rod bearings.

Objective 0909
Hone and clean the cylinders.

Objective 0910
Install rings on the pistons.

Objective 0911
Measure and check the crankshafts with a micrometer.

Objective 0912
Check the bearing bore with a telescope gauge.

Objective 0913
Reassemble engines using a plastic gauge.

Objective 0914
Install oil seals.

Objective 0915
Check for end play.

Standard 10
Students will be able to solve basic mathematical equations related to diesel.

Objective 1001
Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole number problems with two‐ and three‐digits.

Objective 1002
Solve addition subtraction, multiplication, and division of fraction problems.

Objective 1003
Solve addition subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimal problems with two‐ and three‐digits.

Objective 1004
Solve fraction‐to‐decimal conversion problems.

Objective 1005
Solve decimal‐to‐fraction conversion problems.

Objective 1006
Solve decimal‐to‐percent conversion problems.

Objective 1007
Solve percent‐to‐decimal conversion problems.

Objective 1008
Solve basic ratio‐to‐proportion problems.

Objective 1009
Solve basic linear‐measurement problems.

Standard 11
Students will be able to identify and properly perform a vehicle inspection.

Objective 1101
Check for registration.

Objective 1102
Inspect vehicle tires and wheels for excessive wear, damage, mismatched sizes, and improper mounting.

Objective 1103
Inspect vehicle steering and suspension assemblies for excessive wear, damage, missing parts, and improper functioning.

Objective 1104
Inspect altered vehicles to confirm that they conform to required tolerances for raised or lowered suspension and other changes.

Objective 1105
Using a brake plate or visual method, inspect vehicle brake systems for excessive wear, damage, missing parts, improper functioning, and other related safety hazards.

Objective 1106
Inspect vehicle windshield and other glass for excessive damage, breakage, inadequate movement, and unsafe alterations.

Objective 1107
Inspect vehicle headlights and auxiliary lights for correct aiming; inspect headlights, auxiliary lights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and other lights for malfunction, damage, or other unsafe conditions.

Objective 1108
Inspect vehicle windshield wipers, windshield washers, windshield defrosters, horn, speedometer, odometer, and automatic transmission/starter interlock for damage or malfunction.

Objective 1109
Inspect vehicle body, frame, motor mounts, fenders, bumpers, floor pan, doors, hood, seats, exterior mirrors, interior mirror, and seat belts for excessive damage, illegal configuration, missing parts, and malfunction of mechanical assemblies.

Objective 1110
Inspect vehicle exhaust systems for excessive wear, damage, malfunction, and illegal configuration.

Objective 1111
Inspect vehicle fuel systems for damage, malfunction, or leakage.

Standard 12
Students will understand the need for professional development.

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Objective 1201
Complete a personal inventory.

Objective 1202
Set and meet goals.

Objective 1203
Be self‐motivated.

Objective 1204
Know how to make decisions.

Objective 1205
Know how to manage time.

Objective 1206
Organize personal belongings and lab equipment.

Objective 1207
Learn to communicate verbally.

Objective 1208
Write effective communications.

Objective 1209
Establish a personal reading program.

Objective 1210
Develop effective work skills and attitudes.

Objective 1211*
Master a working knowledge of SkillsUSA.

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  1. State the SkillsUSA motto.
  2. State the SkillsUSA creed.
  3. Learn the SkillsUSA colors.
  4. Describe the official SkillsUSA dress.
  5. Describe the procedure for becoming a SkillsUSA officer.

Standard 13
Students will understand the need for leadership skills.

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Objective 1301
Serve on a committee.

Objective 1302
Prepare an agenda.

Objective 1303
Assist in planning a meeting.

Objective 1304
Review basic parliamentary procedure.

  1. Make a main motion.

Objective 1305
Participate in a school project.

Objective 1306
Attend a community meeting.

Objective 1307
Practice effective speaking.

Objective 1308
Present a three‐ to five‐minute talk.

Objective 1309
Implement a leadership project.

Objective 1310*
Master a working knowledge of SkillsUSA.

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  1. Describe the meaning of the SkillsUSA emblem.
  2. State the SkillsUSA pledge.
  3. Describe the duties of a SkillsUSA officer.

Standard 14
Students will understand the need for career planning.

Objective 1401
Define your future occupation.

Objective 1402
Survey employment opportunities.

Objective 1403
Report on a trade journal article.

Objective 1404
Explore opportunities for advanced training.

Objective 1405
Conduct a worker interview.

Objective 1406
Contact a professional association.

Objective 1407
Explore entrepreneurship opportunities.

Objective 1408
Give a talk about your career.

Objective 1409
Review career goals.

Standard 15
Students will understand the importance of employability and work habits.

Objective 1501
Develop a list of work standards to follow at school and on the job.

Objective 1502
Evaluate your personal ethics.

  1. Evaluate your personal ethics against acceptable workplace ethics.

Objective 1503
Build a job search network.

Objective 1504
Find job leads.

Objective 1505
Write a resume.

Objective 1506
Create a job portfolio.

Objective 1507
Complete a job application.

Objective 1508
Write a business letter and memo.

Objective 1509
Participate in an actual or simulated job interview.

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