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Health Education Curriculum Health Education - Kindergarten
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Core Standards of the Course

Students will learn characteristics of a safe and healthy relationship.

Standard K.HF.1:
Identify trusted adults (for example, parent, guardian, relative, teacher, counselor, clergy) and describe how to recognize the characteristics that make them trusted and safe.

Standard K.HF.2:
Describe how to make friends and be a good friend.

Standard K.HF.3:
Communicate respectfully with others.

Students will identify emotions and how to appropriately react to different emotions.

Standard K.MEH.1:
Identify how different emotions feel and how the body reacts to those emotions.

Standard K.MEH.2:
Practice methods to calm down (for example, deep breathing, counting to 10, mindfulness).

Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)
Students will understand what people eat and why food choices are important for health.

Standard K.N.1:
List a variety of healthy foods from each food group.

Standard K.N.2:
Explain the importance of choosing healthy foods and beverages at each meal.

Standard K.N.3:
Discuss the importance of trying new foods.

Students will learn basic hygiene skills and how to interact with others appropriately.

Standard K.HD.1:
Describe why oral hygiene, washing body and hands, and wearing clean clothes are important for a healthy body.

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Standard K.HD.2:
Explain different methods (for example, booster seats, seatbelts, helmets, safety equipment, visiting healthcare providers) for keeping the developing body safe and healthy.

Standard K.HD.3:
Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touch.

Standard K.HD.4:
Discuss how to clearly say no, leave a situation or interaction, and identify and talk with a trusted adult when feeling uncomfortable, afraid, or unsafe.

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