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Health Education Curriculum Health Education - 1st Grade
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Core Standards of the Course

Students will learn the importance of goals and decision-making skills and continue to develop healthy relationship skills.

Standard 1.HF.1:
Define goals and explain why setting goals is important.

Standard 1.HF.2:
Explain how to make good decisions and how all decisions can affect self or others.

Standard 1.HF.3:
Demonstrate how to express gratitude, treat others with kindness, and respect differences.

Students will practice expressing emotions and bully prevention strategies.

Standard 1.MEH.1:
Define what bullying is and is not and demonstrate what to say and do if someone is bullying or bothering oneself or others. Compare these actions with kindness.

Standard 1.MEH.2:
Demonstrate healthy ways to express needs, wants, and feelings.

Students will learn specific behaviors to prevent disease, common injuries, and avoid dangerous situations.

Standard 1.SDP.1:
Understand how proper use of equipment (for example, helmets, sports equipment, seat belts, booster seats) helps protect from injury.

Standard 1.SDP.2:
Identify when an environment or situation is not safe (for example, abuse, bullying, harmful substances, firearms, fire, medical emergency) and understand how to react and promptly report to a trusted adult (for example, parent, guardian, relative, teacher, counselor, clergy) or emergency services.

Standard 1.SDP.3:
Recognize the importance of using electronic devices only with trusted adult supervision.

Standard 1.SDP.4:
Describe behaviors that may prevent and reduce the risk of disease.

Standard 1.SDP.5:
Recognize the importance of never touching another person's blood or other bodily fluids.

Students will understand when substances are helpful or harmful.

Standard 1.SAP.1:
Compare and contrast the difference between helpful and harmful substances.

Standard 1.SAP.2:
Explain the importance of only taking medicine with adult supervision.

Standard 1.SAP.3:
Practice strategies that can be used to refuse harmful substances.

Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)
Students will learn how to fuel their body with healthy food choices.

Standard 1.N.1:
Recognize major food groups, including water, and list a variety of healthy foods in each group.

Standard 1.N.2:
Identify foods and beverages that are healthy choices for the body and explain the importance of choosing healthy foods at each meal.

Standard 1.N.3:
Describe how food is fuel for the body.

Standard 1.N.4:
Recognize not all food products advertised or sold are healthy.

Students will review basic hygiene skills, learn how human development varies, and practice refusal skills. Utah Code requires parental notification for instruction on child sexual abuse prevention.

Standard 1.HD.1:
Explain how hand washing, clean clothes, and oral hygiene are important for a healthy body.

Standard 1.HD.2:
Explain how the right amount of sleep contributes to health and wellness.

Standard 1.HD.3:
Recognize that healthy bodies come in different shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Standard 1.HD.4:
Discuss how to clearly say no, leave a situation or interaction, and identify and talk with a trusted adult when feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, or afraid.

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