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Early Learning Curriculum Health Education Standards for 3-Year-Olds
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Core Standards of the Course

Students will learn independence in basic hygiene skills and understand different types of touch.

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Standard HE 3 yr.1.1
Participate in and develop personal hygiene and care.

Standard HE 3 yr.1.2
Develop an awareness between appropriate and inappropriate touch.

Students will learn the characteristics of safe and healthy relationships.

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Standard HE 3 yr.2.1
With prompting and support, recognize trusted adults (for example, parent, guardian, relative, teacher, counselor, clergy) and describe how to recognize the characteristics that make them trusted and safe.

Standard HE 3 yr.2.2
Identify and practice how to make friends and be a good friend by calling peers by name and engaging in parallel and associative play.

Standard HE 3 yr.2.3
With prompting and support, begin to join in, maintain interactions, and interact cooperatively with others by sharing, turn-taking, resolving conflicts, and recognizing others’ needs.

Standard HE 3 yr.2.4
With prompting and support, attend to and show appreciation for the actions or choices of others (for example, compliment others).

Students will identify emotions and react appropriately to different emotions.

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Standard HE 3 yr.3.1
With prompting and support, express, identify, and label emotions (for example, happy, sad, angry, afraid) and feelings (for example, thirsty, hungry, hot, cold, tired).

Standard HE 3 yr.3.2
With prompting and support, begin to demonstrate methods to calm down (for example, deep breathing, count to ten, mindfulness).

Standard HE 3 yr.3.3
With prompting and support, begin to develop self-control by regulating one’s own impulses and feelings, following simple directions, waiting for turns, transitioning between activities, and complying with limitations.

Students will understand why food choices are important for health.

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Standard HE 3 yr.4.1
Begin to identify the difference between healthy and less healthy food choices.

Standard HE 3 yr.4.2
Begin to identify why eating healthy food is important.

Standard HE 3 yr.4.3
With prompting and support, try new foods from a variety of food groups.

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