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CTE/Keyboarding Curriculum Keyboarding I (7-9)
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Core Standards of the Course

Strand 1
The student will demonstrate correct touch keyboarding techniques.

Standard 1
Students will demonstrate eyes on copy, correct fingering, good techniques, and appropriate posture while operating the keyboard.

  1. Feet placed appropriately for balance.
  2. Center body to the "h" key with elbows at sides.
  3. Sit up straight.
  4. Curve fingers over the home keys.
  5. Keep wrists off the keyboard.
  6. Keep eyes on printed copy.
  7. Key by touch.

Strand 2
Students will develop touch keystroking speed and accuracy.

Standard 1
Students develop and improve keystroking speed and accuracy.

  1. Complete a program of customized drills, exercises, and timings to reinforce touch operation of the keyboard and to increase speed and accuracy.
  2. End of first nine weeks: Using 95% high frequency words (hfw) straight-copy material and 2 minute timed writings, key by touch at 25 wpm with 6 or fewer errors.
  3. End of semester: Using 90% high frequency words (hfw) straight-copy material and 2-minute timed writings, key by touch at 35 wpm with 4 or fewer errors.

Standard 2
Students will demonstrate skill in using numbers, symbols and punctuation marks.

  1. Key numbers by touch using the 10-key pad.
  2. Use the fourth row to key numbers and symbols using correct fingering.
  3. Use appropriate spacing rules for numbers, symbols and punctuation.

Strand 3
Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of basic word processing functions and proofreading.

Standard 1
Students will apply basic word processing functions using a variety of documents.

  1. Utilize basic functions: open, close, save, save as, and print.
  2. Utilize basic editing and formatting functions: copy, move, paste, font, line spacing, alignment, margins, and word wrap.
  3. Utilize outlines, bullets, and numbering functions.

Standard 2
Students will be able to proofread and make corrections using word processing software.

  1. Edit documents using proofreader's marks.
  2. Make spelling and punctuation corrections on a variety of documents.

Strand 4
Students will develop skill composing at the keyboard.

Standard 1
The student will demonstrate composition skills at the keyboard.

  1. Key composition exercises from teacher prompt.
  2. Compose sentences, short paragraphs, and stories.

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