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CTE/Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communication Curriculum Graphic Print Design 1
Lesson Plans

Strand 4

Color Theory
Students will understand color theory.
  • Desktop Pub. - Quark XPress 2: Business Cards
    This lesson is the second in a series of six lessons to teach baisc Desktop Putlishing skills with Quark XPress. It can be easily modified to work with other desktop publishing software. In this lesson, students will create a business card with background image, logo, and appropriate text, then group the parts and duplicate the card to fill up an entire sheet.
  • Desktop Pub. - Quark XPress 3: Certificate
    This lesson is the third of six teaching Desktop Publishing skills using Quark XPress software. Other DTP software may be substituted. In this lesson, the students will create a certificate of completion with borders, text, check boxes, and vector-based medallion.

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