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CTE/Education & Training Curriculum Adult Roles And Responsibilities
Lesson Plans

Strand 4

Students will identify the aspects and importance of marriage preparation and examine behaviors that strengthen marital and family relationships.

Standard 1

Analyze the importance and process of mate selection.
  • M&F Chapter 7 - Dating and Mate selection
  • Theories and stages of dating.
  • Single life and reasons for marriage.
  • Mate Selection
    Students will understand the importance of the mate selection process.
  • Mate Selection Theories
    Through a power point presentation, class discussion, and class
    activities the students will learn about the mate selection theories.
  • Mate Selection and Engagement
    Students will learn about how to choose a mate and what they want in a future mate. They will learn the purpose of engagement and how to plan a wedding.
  • Mate Selection: Characteristics, Qualities, and Values
    The students will be developing a personal philosophy about marriage while participating in powerpoint presentation, classroom activities, and discussion. Student will compose a personal list of characteristics, qualities, and values desired in a marriage partner.
    Also, the students will discuss why "You Don't Marry What You Want You Marry What You are".
  • Personal Philosophy & Lifestyles
    During class discussion, powerpoint presentation, and classroom activities the student will evaluate different lifestyles and how they may affect a marriage.
    The term project will be assigned and instructions will be discussed.
  • Roles and Types (Equalitarian &Traditional) of Marriage
    During classroom powerpoint presentation, activities, and discussion the student will discuss the importance of defining roles prior to marriage. They will compile a list of important topics which should be discussed prior to any marriage. Also, the students will analysis and explain the reason the topics are important.

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