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CTE/Architecture & Construction Curriculum Interior Design 1
Lesson Plans

Strand 6

Students will explain the design and function of interior space.

Standard 1

Evaluate the components of floor plans (a scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in a building): (STEM: Math)
  • Bedroom Floor Plan
    This lesson provides students with an introductory experience with drawing floor plans.
  • Client Profiles
    This lesson provides students with an opportunity to collaborate in a group setting while determining the specific housing needs of their "clients". Once the needs have been addressed, students will then find a floor plan that meets those needs and create a presentation outlining how the floor plan fits the clients.
  • Evaluating Floor Plans
    This lesson provides students with an introduction to what a floor plan is used for and what a floor plan should include.
  • Floor Plan Design
    This lesson provides students with an opportunity to design and draw to scale a floor plan for a home including but not limited to; a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.
  • Furniture Arrangement
    Learn how to arrange furniture and complete a furniture arrangement assignment.
  • Interior Design Final Project
    This lesson provides a summative project for the students to complete that fills a number of the performance objective requirements.
  • Storage Hunt
    This lesson provides students with an opportunity to create visual examples of each type of storage that should be found incorporated throughout the home.
  • Traffic & Circulation
    This lesson provides students with an introduction to the concept of traffic and circulation patterns used throughout the home.

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