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CTE/Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communication Curriculum Fashion Design Studio
Lesson Plans

Strand 1

Students will explore the fundamentals of fashion and associated careers.

Standard 3

Discuss the history of fashion and how it is influenced by culture. (Lines between historical eras are fluid. The looks below are quintessential of that decade).
  • Capitals, Designers & Common Fashion Terms
    Teach students common fashion terms, design details, designers and fashion capitals.
  • Fashion History
    Students will research fashions of the 20th century, and prepare a presentation of what influenced, and what fashions were for their assigned era.
  • Fashion History
    The students will view a PowerPoint presentation on fashion history and take notes on what they learn. They will then pick a fashion era and prepare a presentation on that era.
  • Fashion History Paper
    This lesson integrates writing with Fashion Strategies. It gives students a chance to look back over the years that they have lived and reflect on all the styles that have come and gone. This is a good activity to do after you have gone through the historical fashion eras.
  • History of Fashion
    Students will learn the history of fashion through powerpoint and several individual projects.

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