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Science - Elementary Curriculum Science - 5th Grade
Lesson Plans

Standard 1

Students will understand that chemical and physical changes occur in matter.

Objective 2

Evaluate evidence that indicates a physical change has occurred.
  • Boot Reer Root Beer
    Activities involving dry ice and root beer help students understand the chemical and physical changes that occur in matter.
  • Changing Matter in Colonial Days
    In the following activities, the students will experience making some of the products used in Colonial life. They will also see whether the product was produced by a physical or chemical change.
  • ChromaCool!
    These activities give students the opportunity to compare a physical and chemical change that both involve a change in color.
  • Clean Pennies
    Students will use dirty pennies to observe physical change.
  • Diaper Inquiry
    Believe it or not, this activity uses diapers to help students observe physical change.
  • Food Matters
    In the following activities, the students will experience seeing bread made and experience making butter. They will also see whether the product was produced by a physical or chemical change.
  • Health and Nutrition
    Students will learn about and be able to apply different aspects of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They will understand how physical activity impacts personal health. The students will rotate through four academic stations that include a technology station, two exploration stations and a text station.
  • Hidden Science in Colonial Living
    Students explore the science involved in the making of items used in colonial life: bread, butter, soap, candles, wool, etc.
  • Mystery Powders
    Five powders and five tests are provided for students to explore chemical and physical properties, changes, and reactions.
  • Nothing New -- A Physical Change

    Through observation and experimentation, students will understand the difference between physical changes and chemical changes.

  • TRB 5:1 - Activity 1: Dissolving Salt
    This lesson will demonstrate to students that matter, such as salt, may seem to have disappeared when it is dissolved in water, but it is still there.
  • TRB 5:1 - Activity 3: Melting and Freezing
    After completing this activity students will discover that the weight of ice / water will not change after it undergoes melting or freezing.
  • TRB 5:1 - Activity 5: Mixing Colors
    Students will understand after this activity that mixing colors just changes the physical property of color. When there is a color change during a chemical reaction, there is a change at the molecular level and new substances are formed.
  • TRB 5:1 - Activity 7: Stomach Chemistry
    Students will create a simulation of the chemical reactions that occur during the digestive process.
  • TRB 5:1 -- Act. 8: Physical Changes & Chem. Reactions
    At the conclusion of this activity students will be able to describe and compare physical changes.
  • What's Happening in My World?
    Students look for examples of chemical and physical changes in the world around them.

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