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Lesson Plans

Standard 3

Students will understand the atmospheric processes that support life and cause weather and climate.

Objective 1

Relate how energy from the Sun drives atmospheric processes and how atmospheric currents transport matter and transfer energy.
  • Direct and Indirect Radiation Lab
    Students will determine the relationship between the angle of the sun and the intensity of light. They will do this by calculating the surface area that a source of radiation covers on a piece of graph paper.
  • Distribution of the Sun's Energy
    In this activity students will model what percentage of the sun's light is absorbed, reflected, and stored by plants by creating a foldable.
  • Energy Transfers
    Students will model and measure energy transfers from light to heat.
  • Greenhouse Effect and Surface Radiation
    Students will design a controlled experiment to demonstrate the greenhouse effect and the effect of different surfaces on light reflection.
  • How Hot?
    Students will design and carry out an experiment to compare the rates of heat absorption and of heat release of both soil and water. They will observe how these differing rates of heat absorption and release affect the air above the soil and above the water
  • Jigsaw Reading and Lesson Design Activity
    In small groups, students will use textbooks, reference books, and/or the Internet to research and then teach a topic related to plate tectonics
  • RAFTing the Air
    Student will write a RAFT assignment where they are a molecule in the atmosphere moving around Earth's surface. They will use information from objective 2 to describe their journey.
  • What's the Angle?
    Students will determine the relationship between the angle of the sun and the length of shadow it projects. Students will understand how the tilt of Earth causes this angle change, and affects temperatures in certain regions and thus causes seasons.

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