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Lesson Plans

Standard 3

Students will understand the atmospheric processes that support life and cause weather and climate.

Objective 3

Examine the natural and human-caused processes that cause Earth's climate to change over intervals of time ranging from decades to millennia.
  • Analyzing Greenhouse Gasses Over Time
    Students will create graphs on the concentrations of various greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere in recent history. They will look for trends in the data.
  • Carbon Cycle Demo
    Students will be introduced to the carbon/oxygen cycle and the concept of matter reservoirs.
  • Carbon Cycle Reading & Diagram
    Students will read a text selection about the carbon cycle and try to create a diagram.
  • Carbon Cycle Sources & Sinks
    Students will identify the sources of carbon in the carbon cycle.
  • Carbon Cycle Web Game
    Students will explore a web game that identifies sources of carbon and the changes it goes through as it travels the carbon cycle.
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions
    This demonstration shows students the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by different areas of the world. It also has them brainstorm ways we can reduce the amount of carbon we use everyday.
  • Graphing the Greenhouse
    Students will analyze graphs to help understand the affect of CO2 concentrations on temperature. They will discover how graphs can be set up to help prove a point and occasionally mislead the uninformed.
  • Introduction to Climate Change
    This is designed to be an introductory lesson to climate change. It covers the importance of the atmosphere, the basics of the "Greenhouse Effect" and an introduction to the human contribution to increased greenhouse gases.
  • Ocean Level Changes Webquest
    This quest takes students to several websites that document ocean level changes. It can be done as a class, in small groups or individually by students.
  • Sea Level Changes
    Students will build models to demonstrate the effects of changing sea level on Earth's surface area. They will graph their results.

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