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Science - Secondary Curriculum Science - Chemistry
Lesson Plans

Standard 3

Students will understand chemical bonding and the relationship of the type of bonding to the chemical and physical properties of substances.

Objective 2

Explain that the properties of a compound may be different from those of the elements or compounds from which it is formed.
  • Bonding Rules Inquiry Activity
    Through 4 activities students will discover the rules of nomenclature of ionic and covalent bonds, analyze the relationship between the valence electrons of an atom and the type of bond formed between atoms, and then test out these patterns in a experiment type format.
  • C is for Cookie
    Students make cookies and, in the process, review the organization of the periodic table, utilize conversion factors, and observe some of the chemical and physical reactions involved in cooking.
  • Electrolysis of Water
    Students will use the electrolysis of water to understand how a compound is named and how the physical and chemical properties of the elements in a compound can be quite different from the compound itself.
  • Element Graphic Organizer
    Students will create a graphic organizer on an element of their choice that summarizes the chemical and physical changes that occur when the atom bonds with four (or less) other substances.
  • Forming Ionic Compounds
    Students will practice making and recording observations about various compounds and their aqueous solutions, write the formulas for the compounds, then perform chemical reactions and write the names and formulas of the products.
  • Formula Research Project
    Students will have practice writing the formula and names for the compounds they have learned.
  • Ionic Compounds in Solution
    Students will have the opportunity to practice naming and writing formulas for compounds. They can see what the chemicals look like with which they have been working.
  • Talking Chemistry with Oprah
    This activity involves students responding to a writing prompt written in a RAFT activity format.

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