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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - Kindergarten
Lesson Plans

Standard 1

(Culture): Students will recognize and describe how individuals and families are both similar and different.

Objective 2

Recognize and describe how families have both similar and different characteristics.
  • Author Study of Patricia Polacco's Family Stories
    Patricia Polacco's family stories provide an interesting and neutral way to begin discussions about families. Students can make connections from their own family experiences to some of her family experiences.
  • Celebrating Family Traditions
    Students will learn about different family traditions and holiday celebrations from around the world.
  • K - Act. 09: Our Families, Yours, and Mine
    The activities in this lesson plan will help students understand the similarities and differences in families and identify attributes in themselves and others.
  • K - Act. 10: My Family is Important
    This lesson plan will help students understand that they are important members of their own family.
  • K - Act. 15: Lots of Labels
    This lesson plan gives you several ideas on how to use labeling in your classroom to help students connect print with a message.
  • K - Act. 16: Family Centers
    This lesson plan provides many center activities that are designed around the idea of "families" and apply language and math skills.

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