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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - Kindergarten
Lesson Plans

Standard 2

(Citizenship): Students will recognize their roles and responsibilities of being a good citizen.

Objective 3

Investigate and explain how symbols and songs unite families and classmates.
  • I Am American!
    Students will learn about the importance of the flag and flag etiquette.
  • K - Act. 12: Our Community Helpers
    Learning about community helpers, such as police officers, fire fighters and hospital workers, and taking community field trips will help students understand how they fit into their community and the world.
  • K - Act. 19: National Symbol Patterns
    This lesson plan suggests many ways to improve students' patterning skills.
  • Simple Symbols and American Children
    These activities will teach and instill a respect for the American flag, the pledge of allegiance, liberty bell, statue of liberty, the bald eagle, and other patriotic symbols.
  • Utah: This is the Place!
    Students will learn about the state they live in as well as Utah's place in the United States.

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