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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 1st Grade
Lesson Plans

Standard 3

(Geography): Students will use geographic tools to demonstrate how symbols and models are used to represent features of the school, the neighborhood, and the real world.

Objective 2

Recognize and use a map or a globe.
  • Around the World

    Students will play continent and ocean games to learn more about maps, globes and the world.

  • Cultural Lit. 4: Learning to Read a Map
    Students will be able to identify the map and globe symbols: Cardinal Directions; Compass Rose; Mountains; Rivers; Lakes; Towns; Roads, after receiving direct instruction and carrying out activities in cooperative group settings, in 1-2 class periods.
  • Map Trap
    Students will correctly map the locations of landmarks found around their school, correctly identify physical and man made features on a map, and locate a compass rose on a map and/or globe.
  • Time Capsule
    Students will learn to compare and contrast changes over time.

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